Free PS Plus games confirmed in December 2022 for PS5 and PS4

PlayStation Plus says goodbye to the year on PS4 and PS5 with 6 new free games for the month of December. Yes, you have read well. This time there are not 3, but 6 games that we will receive part of the subscription service. This is because one of them, the main course, is a compilation with the three deliveries of Ms Effect remtered. The three are considered some of the best games in the history of the sector and an essential for lovers of RPG general and other franchises such Dragon Age.


But this December we will not limit ourselves to survey Online with Divine Knockout, a crazy platform Brawler in which to play 3 vs. mutlijugator games. What do you think of the selection?

December 2022 PS plus: Ms Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant and Divine Knockout

PS Plus games for December 2022 will be available to download from December 6 to January 3 and are the following:

  • Ms Effect Legendary Edition for PS4-Analysis in Meditation
  • Biomutant for PS5 and PS4-Analysis in Meditation
  • Divine Knockout for PS5 and PS4-Analysis in Meditation

lt days to claim the PS Plus games of November 2022

we always say, the chickens that come through which they leave. The announcement of the new PlayStation Plus games also serves a lt notice for those who have not yet downloaded those of lt month. You have until December 6 to take advantage of the best advantage of the subscription service and redeem the following zero cost games:

  • Nigh 2 (PS5 and PS4)-Download it here
  • Lego Harry Potter Collection (PS4)-Download it here
  • Heavenly Bodies (PS5 and PS4)-Download it here


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