Pentiment: The best tips for the start

In the tips guide to Sentiment you can find out:

  • What profession your character should have
  • How best to divide your time
  • Where you will find the best information

Sentiment is an Adventure of Obsidian Entertainment that throws you into a fantastic-illustrated world of the 16th century. You slip into the role of Andreas Male, an ascending artist who is about to finish his master's thesis and has to uncover a mysterious murder case.

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tips for character creation in sentiment

What origin should I choose?

Anyone who has played Fallout: New Vegas is extremely familiar with the character creation in Sentiment. The appearance cannot be adjusted, but attributes and skills are determined by defining Andreas' history.

If you leave your accommodation for the first time, you will be asked in which country you have studied:

  • Basel: Andreas speaks a little Italian and French and knows the cultural foundations of Basel, Bern, Zurich and Freiburg.
  • Flanders: Andreas speaks a little Dutch and French and knows the cultural foundations of Antwerp, Bruges and Ghent.
  • Italy: Andreas speaks Italian and a little Greek and knows the cultural foundations of Florence, Venice and Milan.

Our recommendation: Sentiment is all about art and books. Studying in Italy often gives you an advantage in dialogues and the knowledge of Greek helps to decipher old texts and puzzles.

Which leisure activity is worthwhile?

In the next step, you define the general being of Andreas by choosing a leisure activity. Among other things, the selection determines which options are available in dialogues and in whose company you shine the most. You can choose from:

  • Hedonist: Andreas is looking for the pleasure of where he is going. He is extremely sociable and familiar with all the trucks in the world.
  • Craftsman: Andreas lives for work and dedicates his entire time of art.
  • Bookworm: Andreas spends his work-free time with the rolling of books.
  • Tunichtgut: Andreas likes to get into small things, pranks, crimes and fist fights.
  • Businessman: Andreas dedicates his time to advertise and optimize his business expenses.

Our recommendation: Bookworm makes it easier for you to decipher old texts and identify books. Scholars and monks are more likely to you.

Choose hedonist if you prefer to flirt through the game and want to go into one or the other love affair. Hedonists convince especially with the nobility and the opposite sex.

What is the best department?

The noble Lorenz Vogel meets you on the way to the monastery. He is very interested in your studies and would like to know which main subject you have documented. Similar to the choice of interests, your studies determine which dialogue options are available to you and which people you have a simple game with. You can choose from three subjects:

  • Theology: Andreas has significant knowledge of Catholic theology, Bible studies, canonical law, heresy and similar topics.
  • Reichsrecht: Andreas knows the basics of the fragmented legal systems that rule the various states of the Holy Roman Empire.
  • Medicine: Andreas knows the basics of human biology, medicine and various diseases.

Our recommendation: In the end, the game is about solving a murder case and exposing a criminal. Choose Reichsrecht to counter corruption and find gaps in the legal system.


After you have chosen your department, you should choose two favorite subjects.

Which favorite subjects should I choose?

  • Leninist: Andreas dominates the Latin grammar and the vocabulary.
  • Logicism: Intended instinctively thinks about the implications obtained information, is clever in the spatial analysis and can easily carry out complicated calculations in the head.
  • Render: shows great talent for rhetoric. He is an experienced teacher, influence and public speaker.
  • Occultist: Andreas has theoretical and practical knowledge in alchemy, astrology, theory, necromancy, magical rites and ceremonies.
  • Heaven and Earth: Andreas knows a lot about constellations, celestial bodies and their movement. He also knows different plants and animals.

Our recommendation: You should make sure that your favorite subjects cover the areas that you have neglected so far. Occultist will definitely help you in history. Speakers allow you to defuse dangerous situation and influence people.

important tricks for time management

How does the time go in Sentiment?

In order to be successful in Sentiment, you first have to understand how time flies. In the game you have the task of solving a murder plot and finding the true perpetrator. In total, you have five days for this.

If you have not collected enough evidence at the end of the deadline, your murder monastery brother will be accused and executed. You have to divide your time as much as possible and collect as many clues as possible.

The time in Sentiment only passes if you take a meal, watch a special event or go to bed. In the morning and in the afternoon you have an infinitely long time to collect clues and talk to the villagers.

A special event, such as a shading or the absence of a grave, coils the day. Make sure that you visited all areas beforehand and talked to every resident before starting an event.

with whom should I break the bread?

The sacrament in Sentiment is a good way to find new information. You have to think about the villagers you share your meals every day.

You should stick to the farmers in the village for general gossip. The Kohler in the forest provides interesting information about the monastery brothers. The wife of the stonemason helps you to uncover her husband's secret.

Explore ## and collect information

In order not to lose the overview, you look at your journal from time to time. Here you will find a map of the village and all the information collected so far on the villagers. Quests can be viewed in the diary and in the glossary you will find useful information about the medieval world.

Almost every villager has a fixed daily routine and depends on the time of day and the day of the week. Use your time to search for every area and house before you spoke the time.

There is no right or wrong

At your first game run, you will quickly find that the time there is much too tight to investigate all information. There are a total of four main suspects who are eligible for the murder of bird.

Even if you have found most of the clues, you will notice that there is no clear solution to the case. Rather, it is to assess which accused is most likely to be considered. You decide on life and death.

If you want to achieve the best possible result, you absolutely have to look for a murder weapon. This is the only way to influence the judge's judgment. Of course, the nobility pursues its own goals and is careful to dispose of the most unnecessary and disturbing person.

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