[Review] The third deeper night, Yomawari 3

Nicely, badly, still the third night walk

'Homeward 3: Wandering Night (hereinafter Homeward 3)', a new work of the adventure horror game series made by Nippon CHI Software, has been officially released in Korea. It has been officially released after about half a year after Japan's launch, but the level of localization is impressed. Not only all ambassadors in the game have been translated into Korean, but also have carefully worked on the texts and graffiti in the background image.

The series of fear of the series, which is captured with cute visuals, has become more solid during the last two series, and has become more firm in three episodes. It is clear that if you have fun with the existing series, you can be satisfied with Homeward 3. However, if you have felt sorry for the last series, this new work is also unlikely to be satisfied. Homeward 3 is keeping the series unique in a good direction, in a bad direction.

Game Name : Homeward 3: Landing Night Genre Name : Horror Adventure release date : 2022. 10.26 Review : PC launch build | Developer : Nippon CHI Software, Inc. Service : IS America, Inc. Platform : PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4 Play : PC



'Homeward 3'

Prior to the introduction, I would like to inform you that Homeward 3 is not recommended for those who have mental trauma or psychological anxiety related to school days. The game scenario conveys a message to overcome it with courage without being scared of difficult or fearful situations, but it contains a lot of stimulating and raw expressions that describe the bullying in the process of conveying it. Even before the start of the game, there is a notice of 'Please refrain from playing games for those who have a poor health of mind and body'. It is a part that you can get unexpected stress depending on the person, so please refer to this.

'Homeward 3' is an adventure game in which the protagonist, who is being bullied for some reasons for some reasons, finds the lost memories to correct the mistake. Starting from the night streets where the dark darkness is settled down, the general village landscapes such as schools, rice fields, shopping streets, cemetery, mountain trails, and docks, as well as the inside of the closed line, remote islands, and seabed caves The game is the characteristic of this game to convey psychological fear while illuminating various places.

The first thing that stands out is the newly added decorating and wardrobe function to customize the character's appearance directly. The user can choose the hairstyle, accessories, and costumes of the main character's character, and then use the wardrobe in the room to change the appearance of the character to suit the taste. Unlike the previous works, which have been identified by the main character's gender or name, the player seems to be more immersed in the main character. There is a blurred feeling.

The second feature is the introduction of the 'eye cold' system. Unlike the previous works, which were hidden in cover, such as bushes and signs and escaped from the threats of ghosts, Homeward 3 closed eyes and 'turned away' all the threats of the enemy. The act of closing your eyes is not only a replacement of the role of cover in the previous work, but also as the main device that penetrates the story of the game. As you can move with your eyes closed, the time to stay still in one place, unlike the previous works that had to stay in the grass, waiting for the enemy to pass by, also reduced.

It is clear that 'eye cold' is a major device used in the story and a new avoidance system that adds maneuverability to existing cover, but it is insufficient compared to cover. It is difficult to run away quickly because the perception of the ghost is not solved immediately, and the pace slowly slows down. Eventually, except for the boss battle or the main story, it is not used for most of the gameplay. The problem is that forcibly forced to cold eyes appears more often than you think. If you repeat the parts that have to go a little with a pace with your eyes closed, you will later think that the slower sword is more frustrating than the horror of the ghost that threatens life.

The third feature is the volume of the game that has more than doubled compared to its predecessor. Unlike the previous works, which were able to take all the gin ending within 8 hours, Homeward 3 guarantees more than 15 hours of play time with the first clearing of the sub content. If you try to find all the hidden elements that wander around every night, it will be more than 20 hours. Compared to the previous works that have always been pointed out, this is clearly a high-level improvement.

The last feature is in the main story of leaving afterglow. Personally, I think that 'Homeward 3' contains the most complete story throughout all series. The lost memories of the main character, which is somewhat sporadically divided, is neatly organized in the process of unlocking the gin ending, and the way of leading the player to this stage is very intuitive and clear. When playing games in the horror genre, the story is important, and Homeward 3 will be a clear ringing work.

It's already the third night, but Nippon CHI Style

The biggest feature of the Homeward series is that it is a horror game that can be enjoyed relatively easily even for scary games. It is hard to feel as a horror game, and the visuals of color-like colors are the mainstream, and except for some jumpstart directing that suddenly appears on the screen and surprises the player, there are many factors that convey one-dimensional fear with terrible or cruel expressions. Not many. The new Homeward 3 also inherited the characteristics of 'Cute Visual Horror in Cute Visual', which was shown by the existing series, and some scenes also show more advanced in terms of graphics and directing to match the name of the new work.

If you look closely, you can find several improvement points one by one, but basically, there is no excuse that it is not much different from its previous works. The basic game structure, which has already been around for a few times, is still in Homeward 3. In order to proceed with all episodes without the help of the attack, you have to wander the same distance several times, and when the game is over without save, you will see that the various items collected have disappeared.

Of course, the unique charm of the Homeward series, which fans love, is here. It is the core fun of 'Homeward' to enjoy the sound of grass worms that resonate in the streets like ASMR, the operation of the old vending machine with a faint light, and the process of wandering the night streets with blinking streetlights. If you don't have fun with this series of processes, you are likely to get tired before you can find a fun point while playing Homeward 3.

It is one of the unique boss evangelism points unique to the Homeward series, which is all about running, walking and avoiding. In Homeward 3, a total of nine bosses appear, including the last battle of Jin Ending, and all of these bosses are all composed of 'to avoid seeing'. One boss battle proceeds with as little as 2 to 5 minutes of breathing, and most of them have a structure that needs to be challenged from the beginning. As the composition is monotonous, it also includes a little tight section that requires 'perfect timing'.

It also contributes to the price policy unique to the developer Nippon CHI software as it raises the hurdles of the game, which can be clearly divided by the dislike. It is a game of horror genre that is less user than other genres, and it is becoming a game that only series fans, as the full-price policy unique to the developer, called Nippon CHI Price, is added. Compared to the previous work released in 2017, the volume of the game is larger, and many improvements have been added, but it is a pity that only lukewarm reactions continue to be lukewarm so that no user will recognize the value.

Nippon CHI Software is a developer who has a clear know-how in the extension of IP loved by fans and specifying the points that can appeal to them. The new film 'Homeward 3' was also a work that revealed the traces of trimming the shortcomings that were prominent in the last series and adding new elements to appeal to users who enjoyed the previous work. Even in some criticisms that a similar map and ghosts are repeated, even in the desperate desire of fans who want the next episode, we hope that even new users who do not know Homeward IP will be able to understand the price policy that can be convinced. To be.

It was not a hot summer that was suitable for playing horror games, but it was a warm feeling that seemed to be comforting somewhere in the heart after seeing the staff and illustrations that flowed after seeing the gin ending. It's already three, but it's a complete separate work that you can understand without playing the first and second episodes.


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