Why should you focus on brand advertising right now

  • Topic: A way to improve profitability by accessing global brand spending by mobile game developers

  • Lecturer: Sung-Ho Jung-Pubmatic / Business Development Director

  • Field: Mobile, marketing

  • Time: 2022.11.18 (Fri) 15:00 ~ 15:50

  • Summary: Public's business development director introduced how to make mobile developers to make profits with brand advertising. In addition, EMILY MRI, the chief marketing director of APAC, discussed the panel discussion with Jung Sung-ho's business development director and BAE Juneau of the group M Korea.

■ The importance of brand advertising -There is an advertisement that can make money just by looking at it? Public's business development director emphasized the importance of brand advertising throughout the lecture that was held before the panel discussion. Many large companies are already moving to digital advertisements in existing TV advertisements, and they are focusing on brand advertisements.


These advertising models, like any advertisement, begin with advertisers. It is common to delegate the budget for advertising execution to large advertising counterparts. Then, the programmatic trading desk is used to determine the planning and budget of the campaign and to run the campaign through the preferred supply partner. In this process, capital moves to SSP. SSP holds auctions, which flow into mobile publishers.

There are three things that brand advertising is important. First, the publisher earns money just by posting a brand advertisement in the app. This has the effect of holding the already secured users longer to the game or app. In addition, it is composed of only selective advertisements, so the quality of the advertisement itself is on average, so it can also be effective in cutting user experience. Finally, the above effects can maintain brand stability.

In addition, Jung Sung-ho introduced how to secure brand spending by mobile publishers. First, I heard OMSK compliance. OMSK is designed to facilitate third-party visibility and verification measurement of advertising provided in web video and native app environment in IAB. In addition, the company explained to avoid harmful advertising, maintain high advertising quality, and adopt various advertising formats.

Recently, the story of alternative methods to overcome the global economic crisis has also continued. Jung emphasized the use of private marketplace, saying it is important to implement various models as well as open markets. In addition, it was said that the preference for programmatic methods, not the existing advertising method, should be increased.

■ Discussion of 3 Panel -In response to director Just BAE

After the explanation of Jung Sung-ho's business development director, Emily MRI and BAE Juneau participated in the discussion of three panels. Below is the excerpt of BAE Junior's remarks in the contents of the three-person panel discussion.

Since the group M company is not well known in Korea, I will briefly introduce it. In terms of easily, public is a position to help the sellers, and we buy an tory via that public. In today's discussion, I can tell you from the buyer's point of view.

As I explained earlier, the purchase form is purchased not only through the open market but also through private marketplace. Among them, the way we prefer is private side. If you buy it on the open side, it's very hard to control the supply chain. That's why there are many brand risks, and there are also price aspects.

We make direct purchases by selectively collaborating with reliable supply chains. In this case, this method is being adopted because it can reduce brand risks and increase price efficiency.

Because there are big tasks that we need to cross, I think we should talk about our heartbreaking but realistic story. You may have heard a lot of people in the industry, but there are still a lot of prejudice about game tory. Most of the time, please worry a lot about brand risks.

I'm thinking a little different. In fact, there is a risk of a very stimulating advertisement, such as adult and violence on social media platforms such as YouTube and Meta, as well as TVs. Nevertheless, advertisers are not reluctant to TV, YouTube or meta advertisements. Because I believe that control is possible.

I think the same is true. Many game titles are what everyone can enjoy. If there is any risk factor in the game, the brand can also advertise it technically and optionally.

We now like private markets. In fact, we have created a private market with global game publishers and have created a premium tory for many years.

If you say it's a premium tory, you may think it's usually for luxury brands, which can be applied to advertisers in all categories. Because when advertisers see it, it is very clean, safe and reliable.

Perhaps you have seen it, as you have seen a lot of luxury brands in the game. For example, Gucci has been investing in the game tory for a long time, and recently made a product that is sold only in meth uses. In the case of Louis Vuitton, we are showing various appearances such as presenting Prestige Skin in the 2019 Rolled Cup final.

In fact, about 40%of the group M Korea spending is going to the luxury client, which is expanded from the existing 4050 female customers to the younger generation. So I learned that these people were spending the most time in the game.

In my opinion, luxury clients will continue to invest in gaming tory. The task to be solved seems to be the key to how we provide gaming tory in a safe environment without harming their brand image.

Once you look at the buyer, I hope the game publisher will actively invest. In fact, there was a limit that this was difficult to go on. Eventually, we had to keep up with the location, but there was a sad situation that we couldn't take a seat because there were no suitable tory that we could buy in Korea.

Also, I would like to thank you for your cooperation, such as using the third verification agencies and the OMSK, which were mentioned earlier so that buyers can buy it with confidence, not only the location of the advertisement.


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