5 Reasons Why Portugal Had a Poor Performance at the World Cup

Portugal has been a top contender for the World Cup in Russia. Unfortunately, they have not succeeded to do so due to a series of unfortunate events. Portugal's defense bar Pepe also suffered a broken arm during the surprising quarter-final against Morocco.


In the 39-year-old protector, a fracture of the Elle in the left arm was detected, the Portuguese association said in the late Saturday night. Pepe, immediately after the final whistle, had critically discussed the referee efficiency and setting ( It is unacceptable that an Argentine referee whistled our video game) after the World Cup with Portugal, taken to a hospital, there the suspicion of a break of the arm was confirmed.

big possibility shortly prior to the final coach wants to continue

At his fourth World Cup, Pepe, who was under agreement with FC Porto, initially pointed out the team as an agent of Joker Cristiano Ronaldo as a captain, but might not prevent the 0-1 defeat in the Al-Thumama Stadium.

Soon before completion, the enforced defender, who will celebrate his 40th birthday on February 26, awarded the possible 1-1 equalization with a significant header. Portugal's coach Fernando Santos discussed his situation after the lost game. I have actually currently talked to the association president. We will talk about my agreement with seriousness and calmly if we return to Portugal. Withdrawal is not part of our vocabulary, stated the 68-year-old


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