Alex Schmid is on the podium course at the giant slalom in Val d'Esere

Sir racer Alexander Schmidt is on the podium course at the giant slalom in Val d'Sear. The 28-year-old from SC Fischer is in third place after the first round in the intermediate classification after 30 runners. By far the best time drove the Swiss Luca De Aliprandi, who was 12th with a time of 1: 12,00 min.


Erik Read (Can): Erik Read drives a clean strategy, however it does not bring him much if the will is missing out on to actually wish to attack! The Canadian is on his way far too passive and loses a whopping three seconds Rasmus Windings (NOR): The fog has moved back at the top and the view is good, however the gap at Rasmus Windings is directly A little later it is currently over The Norwegian slips into the snow Able Lie McGrath (Nor): Able Lie McGrath is the next athlete The Norwegian starts correctly and delivers a pièce de résistance in the flat area He is very near the top Can he also bring in the steeper section? He is tidy and calm and ends up in a great fourth place There would have been a little more possible if he had actually had a little steam and guts in the middle section Justin Purifier (SUI): Justin Purifier needs to battle straight on an ice sheet at the top and therefore loses the rhythm early on After that, the 30-year-old is constantly a bit late and can not get the optimum out Listed below he looks towards the slope with shaking a head Even if he returns from an intervertebral disc surgical treatment, expectations were rather greater With 2.07 seconds behind he discovers himself in tenth place Luca de Aliprandini (ITA): And there is the second failure afterwards! Luca de Aliprandini loses his balance early, is far too far back and ultimately slips away Filip Public (CRO): No opportunity for Filip PUBLIC! The Croatian levers out in the flat area Naturally, the speed is totally gone, and he has to get on trips again After a Horace below, things are lastly consumed a little later Stefan Brennsteiner (AUT): Stefan Brennsteiner did not pick the lightest slope for his comeback after an injury break, however he delivers a courageous journey and the Austrian is terrific in the upper area Listed below he loses something, but in the end it is a great run that he invokes on the slope The seventh location is currently offered Alexander Schmidt (Ger): terrific! Alexander Schmidt is not impressed by the lower view soon after the starting home, remains on it and delivers a shimmering clean and brave journey Can he move far ahead? In the center section, Schmidt still loses, but with 1.19 seconds behind Zermatt, he is presently third and gets a terrific starting point for the 2nd round Gino Cavities (SUI): Gino Cavities is the next Swiss turn, and it heads out of the beginning house with a loud scream In the first area, it escapes quickly and leaves time When he then has a thick inner ski mistake in a difficult part and loses speed, he actually has no possibility of getting into a good position Cavities does not wait a long period of time for the outcome and drives directly out of the run He is the last Mathieu Favre (FRA): In the meantime, it is becoming a growing number of noticeable that the course is actually tough Lots of professional athletes can not get the optimum out and Mathieu Favre likewise offers the deficit early It simply seems to be missing the trust to get a leading time out River Adams (U.S.A.): The American has frustrated the sticks in the target location in the snow He begins his run with a great deal of courage and is close in the very first area Then the thick error comes, and it is 1.88 seconds behind in one fell swoop From then on he no longer is available in and lastly over 3 seconds behind the results lists Is that enough for the final at all? Alexis Pinault (FRA): Alexis Pinault has more tough lighting ratios in the first goals, because a bit beside it However that should not be a huge drawback The deficit is rapidly there and the Frenchman also has to classify himself further in the home video game Zermatt is presently the one who outperforms whatever here Feller is likewise still excellent, there is a gap of an excellent second behind it before the remainder of the field is close together Henrik Kristoffersen (Nor): Henrik Kristoffersen was the terrific competitor of Zermatt last season Can he now threaten to the Swiss or does Kristoffersen likewise bite his teeth? There will be the deficit! Kristoffersen slips early and after a thick mistake he approaches the matter too passively He gets to Zermatt for 1.49 seconds This is third, however it will still be a Herculean job to catch up again

Sir racer Alexander Schmidt is on the podium course at the huge slalom in Val d'Sear The 28-year-old from SC Fischer is in third location after the first round in the intermediate classification after 30 runners The Swiss Marco Zermatt drove the very best time without a doubt in 1: 01.89 minutes The Austrian Manuel Feller showed 0.45 seconds behind, at Schmidt it was 1.19 seconds The professional athlete of the German Ski Association (DSV) has when based on the podium in his profession: a year ago he had ended up being third with the giant slalom in Alta Bahia Ski Alpine, huge slalom in Val d'Isère | | ---|---|--- Square | Name | Time/deficit 1 | Marco Zermatt | 1: 01.89 2 | Manuel Feller | + 0.45 3 | Alexander Schmidt | + 1.19

Alexander Seen Olsen (Nor): Interesting man from Norway! Alexander Seen Olsen really leaves something above, but in the last sector he knocks the fastest time once again It can be delighted to see what he will bring in the last passage later on With presently number 23, the possibilities are okay that we will see him again there Daniele Settle (SUI): Regrettable! Daniele Settle is perfect on the road, strikes you out and mix in the leading 15 However then the big mistake comes, and it leaves! Due to the fact that there was definitely a top result in it, he will be frustrated Sequel Missing (SUI): Sequel Missing has actually repeatedly had problem with injuries in the past His efficiency is then alike high, and he can bring the strong 20th location to the finish Typically it needs to be enough for the final Zermatt in the very best position: 30 athletes are now below, and it is the big favorite that is currently noting the list Marco Zermatt revealed a strong run and with a time of 1: 01.89 minutes he is 0.45 seconds prior to his very first pursuer, Manuel Feller from Austria Alexander Schmidt from the German team is likewise truly excellent He collected in third place 37 beginners follow, however for them, it ought to be mainly about arise from 20th location Joan Verde Sanchez (and): Too bad! The male from Argentina starts his run with a lot of attack and has an excellent range in the float Then that will do, so he will do so, and he is the next athlete who can not end his run Stefan Hamlin (SLO): Stefan Hamlin was perfect in Golden, what can he provide in France now? The deficit is rapidly there in the top of the flat and in the more course there is still something! He remembers of four seconds behind with a dissatisfied shake of the head Adam Tampa (SVK): Adam Tampa sits really far back on his slats and when he is levering it, he has no method to record it again He is leaving! Leif Kristian Nestvold-Hucken (NOR): Slowly the slopes no longer allows the leading times, and it is mainly about operating damage limitation Leif Kristian Nestvold-Hucken from Norway likewise feels this and in the end he stumbles upon the line with 3.79 seconds It will be among those who can not yet ride safely in the instructions of the final Giovanni Borgatti (ITA): Giovanni Borgatti is irritated in the target area The Italian had a lot going on, however he too has a deficit early on, and it has been revealed that it is difficult to capture up with in the steep With 15th place he discovers himself in the middle of the field Raphael Hawser (AUT): What does the next Austrian do? In the first ACTION he currently loses 6 tenths and the run looks anything but liquid The issues are piling up, and he has a lot to do to the objective With 3.67 seconds behind and 21st location, the matter is not yet certain for him Victor Muffat-Jeandet (FRA): Victor Muffat-Jeandet comes actually well through the flat area and just 0.07 seconds behind are in the list After that, nevertheless, he also gets difficulties on the tough slopes and takes 2 seconds behind in the final Tommy Ford (U.S.A.): Tommy Ford was able to take the sixth place at the giant slalom in Golden, today there is nothing to book Ford raises it out, and he leaves! Roland Latiner (AUT): Resurgence for Roland Latiner! After his cruciate ligament rupture, he completes his first World Cup today The training deficit is still plainly noticeable, and he has to fight the slope down 2.81 seconds are on the result lists at the end of the pass Trevor Phil (Can): With Trevor Phil pit quickly ends up being clear that absolutely nothing will be happening with a result for him either Even in the flat area, Phil really leaves and after that it ends up being really difficult on a slope as here, due to the fact that there is still something to catch up in the high one More than 17th location with 3.19 seconds are not possible Patrick Burstein (AUT): The next Austrian is currently on the journey with Patrick Burstein What is still possible for him on the slopes? He stands extremely far back over his skis and at the surface he is to take a look at the dissatisfaction With 3 seconds he ends up in 14th location and has to shiver that the finale of the best 30 ends Marco Schwarz (AUT): Marco Schwarz makes it far better on top and starts the very first area with a lot more trust However then it struck him to A thicker error takes a great deal of time and from this moment it is challenging for him to find the rhythm once again In the end, black lands in a solid tenth place 1.85 seconds are missing out on for the outstanding Zermatt

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Run in the live ticker for reading Schmidt just DSV starter in the last: Alexander Schmidt will later on be the only one who will represent the German team His colleagues were eliminated with high start numbers or like Anton Grammar as 35th in the end to make it a big gap to make it under the leading 30 Zermatt leads at halftime: At halftime it is Marco Zermatt, who ends up being more than satisfying his function as favorite The Swiss presented a time of 1: 01.89 minutes with start second and drove the very best time by far The second is Manuel Feller from Austrians, who has a space of 0.45 seconds Alexander Schmidt is in third location and can wish for the podium today It is behind Zermatt for 1.19 seconds Behind it is closer and there might be some modifications in the position Linus Starter (GER): Linus Starter closes the preliminary Can he cause a surprise again? He is excellent on the leading and in the middle of the middle of the field Does he continue? Not! He slips away, ends up in the snow and leaves a couple of goals in front of the finish Dominik Rancher (AUT): Dominik Rancher is the last Austrian's turn, but can not push himself under the top 30 either Now it is actually difficult after excellent conditions in the meantime Havana Katsuki (JPN): Havana Katsuki knocks it out and the Japanese wind up in the fang fence He is fortunate and raps himself up with the aid a little later The view has actually now worsened again on the slopes, and it will be actually difficult to combat for a great position Lukas Burstein (AUT): Too bad! Lukas Burstein starts truly correctly into the one run and is well in the flat part Then it tears away one of the skis and from then on the worm is in it is doesn't go out with the TOP 30, and it leaves Julian Raucous (GER): Can Julian Raucous follow his team-mate Schmidt into the final? It begins well in his course, but he likewise leaves The triple pack from Germany is out and only Schmidt is presently represented in the final Fabian Grate (GER): And Fabian Grate likewise needs to evacuate! He slips away and leaves early Anton Trammel (GER): Anton Trammel leads a group of 3 German starters In front of him, the Italian Della Site had revealed once again that you can continue to drive into the leading 30 Can the DSV starter now add? Regrettably not Already in the first part he acts the huge deficit and even after that it does not fit together With 35th place in the target run it is clear that he will only see the last as a spectator Livia Simone (SUI): Livia Simone is the next Swiss from the beginning home What else can he leave the slopes? A lot! He begins his course really well, and he likewise cuts an excellent figure in the steep one He is really great with 16th place! Thomas Tumbler (SUI): Thomas Tumbler can not take the present high stage with them and the Swiss still needs to wait to see if he will come to a 2nd option today He is currently 26 Brian McLaughlin (USA): The leading performance continues At the minute, the motorists take advantage of an extremely great view on the whole slopes and appropriately enter into their course with more trust With a range of 2.20 seconds, the United States boy presses in 13th location. Now some athletes will still need to shiver whether the finale ends Sam Mae's (BE): Currently there is an actually great view of the slopes and Sam Mae's from Belgium also clearly uses his advantage! He shoots a 1: 04.25 and is also good as 13th Far Jaunting (SUI): Extremely strong! Far Jaunting gets in well at the top, is with the very best professional athletes and even a mistake does not let himself be disturbed and remains with a lot of trust in the skis In the end, the good 14th location is available Great beginning point for the last

Loïc Mallard (SUI): Loïc Mallard is likewise an effective gap at the top Comparable to Range, it drives a precisely and tidy line, however does not truly attack and is therefore the next one who needs to categorize itself substantially behind the present leading individual The Swiss keep in mind of this with shaking heads An Range (SLO): An Range is the next starter who takes the slope It turns out early that he will not intervene at the front Range has no problems in his course, but it drives with the handbrake brought in which is likewise obvious in regard to time With 1.87 seconds, he has to line up at the last location Manuel Feller (AUT): Manuel Feller was third in France last year Can he duplicate this winter? Shortly after the start, he has to repair after he can be found in reserve, but then Feller seems to find his way into his run, the very first difficult locations drives spotless After a coarser mistake in the center section, nevertheless, the deficit exists, and he gets three tenths The OSV guy brings the lower area clean again, but in the end there are 0.45 seconds behind Now he will need to wait and see what that's enough Marco Zermatt (SUI): Marco Zermatt shows shortly later on what is really possible! The Swiss goes to the slope with a great deal of trust, looks in the very first goal and can likewise confidently stabilize little problems With 1:01:89 minutes he takes the man with the start top with the start top Lucas Breathe (NOR): It is prepared for the huge slalom in the Val d ´ Isère The Norwegian Lucas Breathe opens the competitors on an icy and fast slopes The course in the preliminary is commonly stuck at around 27 meters gate spacing in some locations Breathe has to struggle as soon as and after the Norwegian is far too late, he has problem capturing his course again At the finish there is shaking heads He seems to know that it could be challenging with a top outcome

Ski Alpine: Giant Slalom of men in Val d'Sear now in the Linebacker start 1st round

Prior to the start: Recently, the speed experts were still deployed when Beaver Creek drove in the departure and in the Super G Now it is the turn of the technicians when the 2nd giant slalom of the season occurs The very first took location at the start of the season in Golden at the end of October and was won by the Swiss Marco Zermatt Before the start: The 1st round starts at 9.30 a.m., the second run starts at 12.30 p.m Before the start: hi and welcome to the giant slalom of males in the French Val d'Sear

Ski Alpine: Giant Slalom of males in Val d'Sear today on television and livestream

The huge slalom is provided both on totally free TV and in the live stream Eurosport is accountable for totally free television transmission In the live stream, the race can be seen at Eurosport in the paid Eurosport gamer and complimentary of charge at Given that Eurosport has actually participated in a cooperation with DAZN, DAZN consumers can likewise track the Eurosport Livestream on the DAZN platform This needs a membership that costs 29.99 euros each month and 274.99 euros annually Articles and videos on the subject Top sport live on DAZN Register now! Can be canceled at any time

Ski Alpine: Competition calendar for the 2022/23 season

Period | Land | location ---|---|--- 22. -23 October | Austria | Golden 29 \ October-6 November | Switzerland | Zermatt-Cervinia 12. -13 November | Austria | Lech 19. -20 November | Finland | Levi 26 \ November-4 December | USA/Canada | Lake Louise/Beaver Creek 10. -12 December | Italy/France | Retrieve/Val d'Sear 16. -17 December | Italy/Switzerland | Val Garden/St Moritz 18 \ December | Italy/Switzerland | Alta Bahia/st Moritz 19 \ December | Italy | Alta Bahia 22 \ December | Italy | Madonna di Camillo 28. -29 December | Italy/Austria | Boris/Simmering 4 \ January | Germany/Croatia | Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Zagreb 5 \ January | Croatia | Zagreb 7. -8 January | Switzerland/Slovenia | Adelaide/Franziska Gorey 10 \ January | Austria | Dachau 13 \ January | Switzerland | Wen gen 14. -15 January | Austria/Switzerland | St. Anton/Wen gen 20. -22 January | Italy/Austria | Corina d'Mezzo/ Kitzbühel 24 \ January | Italy/Austria | Kronplatz/Claiming 28. -29 January | Germany/Czech Republic | Garmisch-Partenkirchen/Spindle rm the 4 \ February | France | Chamois 6. -19 February | France | Couriered/M tribes 25. -26 February | Switzerland/USA | Clans Montana/Palisades Tahoe 3. -5 March | Norway/USA | Kvitfjell/Aspen 10 \ March | Are | Sweden 11 \ March | Are/Franziska Gorey | Sweden/Slovenia 15. -19 March | Andorra | Soluble.


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