Argentina: Parade The World Champion Ends With Tragedy Around Lionel Messi And Leandro Paredes.

It was a moment of celebration in Argentina as their national team were welcomed home with a parade to celebrate their World Cup win. Unfortunately, tragedy almost struck when Lionel Messi and Leandro Parades got into an altercation that could have ended badly for both players. Read on to find out more about this incident and the safety measures taken by the team afterwards.

Immediately after the Argentinian World Cup heroes showed up in their homeland, there would almost have actually been an awful occurrence. The world champs Leandro Parades, Rodrigo de Paul, Lionel Messi, Ángel DI María and Nicolas Amend got away a disaster. At 2.24 a.m. Argentinian, the plane landed with the World Championship team in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. The world champions need to initially drive to the head office of the association in an open double-decker bus to rest there before the main reception. In the streets of Buenos Aires, countless fans were waiting for their heroes. Parades, de Paul, Messi, Di Maria and Amend sit on the roofing system of the bus. This drove after a curve under a leading cable.


The five world champs were just able to duck in time. The most lucky was paradise, to whom the cable television was still torn from the head.

The official world champ reception at the Plaza de la Republican takes place at 4 p.m. German time. After that, the celebrations must not be ended. Articles and videos on the topic World Cup heroes wound up in Argentina Ague wins wager on Messi Camping insulted? Ague responds Here you can discover more details and offers for FIFA WM 2022 at Magenta TV


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