Biathlon: Persecution of women in Annecy today in the live ticker. The persecution of women is in Annecy


The persecution of women is in Annecy today. At SPOT you can follow the race live. The persecution of ladies is in Annecy today.

The persecution of ladies is in Annecy today At SPOT you can follow the race live After the podium in the sprint, Denise Herrmann-Wick also expects an excellent outcome when the biathletes are once again in Annecy SPOT ticks the race This article is continuously updated Click on this link for the refresh of the page

Biathlon: Persecution of women in Annecy today in the live ticker

Before the start: The Swiss Lena Häcki-Groß lies in an excellent attack position The 27-year-old performed well with the sprint and is now the eleventh in the path With 42 seconds there could still be a lot to go Her colleague Elisa Gasparino likewise goes 19th a 2nd ahead of the Austrian Handler from the beginning house Amy Basra follows as a 39th and Lea Meier in 41st place. AITA Gasparino is the last starter from the Swiss team In 45th place, your gap is currently 1:43 minutes after the front With this, all Swiss people have actually gotten approved for the pursuer Prior to the start: 21-year-old Anna Handler was the best Austrian at the other day's sprint racing As the 20th she begins the persecution 2 seconds ahead of Lisa Theresa Mauser, which is permitted on the track precisely one minute after the leading one Tunja Doug also doesn't have to wait a lot longer and 3 Austrians are sent within 6 seconds Tamara Steiner qualified as a 46. As Julia Schweitzer, who made things quite exciting again As 56. However, you too exist today Before the start: After the good beginning position from Denise Herrmann-Wick, absolutely nothing comes for the DSV ladies for a long period of time It was just when the 24th that Franziska Press is permitted to tackle the persecution over a minute later She heads out of the starting block practically at the very same time with Lisa Theresa Mauser and Hanna Berg and will be in a strong crowd Sophia Schneider will also wish to join this strong group with 3 seconds With an overall of 1:12 deficit to the top, Vanessa Vogt starts 30th Anna Wade as 38th and Janina Hettich-Walz are the last German starter to follow her Prior to the start: In an uncommon position, Swede Anna Mansion will begin as followed Rather remarkably, the 27-year-old was able to assert himself at the sprint and keep her compatriot Line Person and the German Denise Herrmann-Wich in check Person starts 2nd with 13 seconds behind, 2 seconds later on her Hermann-Wick will follow Prior to the start: Day two at the World Cup of females in Annecy: The other day the focus was still on the sprint, today it is persecution From a German perspective, a professional athlete stood out yesterday: Denise Herrmann-Wick operated on the podium again The German third became the Swedish duo Anna Mansion and Line Person The second finest DSV athlete just follows in 24th place with Franziska Press Before the start: The race in France begins at 2:15 p.m Before the start: Welcome to the persecution of females in Annecy

Biathlon: Persecution of ladies in Annecy today on television and livestream

Numerous companies were commissioned to move the persecution to Annecy The race can be seen in free television both in the ARD and at Eurosport 1 When it comes to live stream, ARD and Eurosport are likewise the best contacts Also DAZN, who offers both Eurosport channels 24 hours a day due to the fact that of the cooperation with Eurosport, but likewise requires 29.99 euros per month or 274.99 euros per year for the subscription Articles and videos on the topic Leading sport reside on DAZN Register now! Can be canceled at any time

Biathlon: The World Cup in Annecy

Date | Start | discipline ---|---|--- 15.12.2022 (Thu) | 14: 10 | Sprint men 10 km 16.12.2022 (FR) | 14: 15 | Sprint women 7.5 km 17.12.2022 (SA) | 12: 10 | Persecution guys 12.5 km 17.12.2022 (SA) | 14: 15 | Persecution ladies 10 km 18.12.2022 (Sun) | 12: 10 | Mass start men 15 km 18.12.2022 (Sun) | 14: 15 | Mass start ladies 12.5 km.


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