Devil Dinosaur and the Helicarrier: the cheapest and most powerful deck of the new Marvel Snap cards

Although it is true that Devil Dinosaur has always been one of those cards by Marvel Snap to take into account, the arrival of new cards to the game leaves us with a generous push to the Moon Girl dinosaur strategy.

Then we leave you a deck that, including some great novelties of the last update, will allow us to get even more out of the ability to enhance Devil Dinosaur based on the letters we have in hand.


The best decks of the new Marvel Snap update: Devil Dinosaur + Helicarrier

The grace of the deck, as you will have imagined, is to take advantage of the ability of Devil Dinosaur to add +2 of power for each letter in your hand, which implies that playing the minimum number of cards and stealing as much as possible of them Be the key to snorting it to the fullest.

With usual suspects such as Agent 13, The Collector or Angela, here the great trick is to grab the Combo of Devil Dinosaur and Mystique in turn six to double our presence at the table taking advantage of Era's ability, but it is not the only possible option.

The play that interests us most, in reality, is to continue accumulating letters in the first shifts by Maria Hill and Agent Colson to, when we reach the three shift, make Lady Sigh revolve the new Helicarrier and thus add another three cards additional to hand.

Keep calm and do not pass ambitious because the number of cards in hand has a stop, so it is better to save the sum of new additions for shifts such as the room, where we already have a certain presence at the table, and we can allow us a good push.

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