Does Pelé no longer react to chemotherapy?

According to a media report, the Brazilian football legend Pelé (82) no longer appeals to chemotherapy. Cancer treatment in the Albert Einstein Healthcare Facility in São Paulo was suspended, Pelé only received palliative care, reported the Brazilian paper Fol ha de S. Paulo. For example, he receives medication for discomfort and shortness of breath. Palliative medication consists of the treatment of individuals with a sophisticated disease and limited life expectancy. Pelé was required to the health center on Tuesday. His daughter Key do Nascimento revealed that only her father's medication would be reorganized. From the medical facility it was stated that Pelé had complete control over its important functions and remained in a steady medical condition.


The s broadcaster ESPN Brazil, on the other hand, reported that Pelé has swelling on the whole body. A respiratory infection at Pelé was identified on Friday, which was treated with prescription antibiotics.

health status gives reason to stress

In September in 2015, Pelé was eliminated a growth on the large intestinal tract that doctors found during a regular assessment. After the operation, Pelé was first treated in the intensive care unit. He needed to remain in the hospital for around a month after the general treatment. After that, Pelé was always in the healthcare facility for chemotherapy. Pelé's state of health has consistently stressed in current years. He underwent a number of operations on his hip. He likewise had issues with the spinal column and the knee. A kidney stone was removed after a urinary system infection two years ago. Pelé played 92 caps and won three World Cup titles with Brazil's nationwide group (1958, 1962, 1970).


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