Gianluca Vialli Gives Up Positions As Head Of Delegation

Gianluca Villi is one of the most famous soccer players in Italy and has always been part of the Italian national team as well. Gianluca Villi, which was recovered by his pancreas, has to give up his post as the Delegation Manager of the Azzurri.

Previous Italian soccer player Gianluca Villi (58), who was recuperated four years ago from his pancreatic cancer, battles once again versus a growth and for that reason needs to quit his position as head of delegation of the Azzurri.


After speaking with the oncologists who treat him, he decided to ideally just suspend his existing and future expert responsibilities, Villi wrote to the Italian Football Association FIG on Wednesday. In this phase of the disease, he had to use all of his energies for healing, it stated in the letter. Villi is an absolute foundation of the Italian national team and will remain in the future. Thanks to its amazing psychological strength, I am encouraged that he will quickly return. He can depend on each individual, since we are a team, likewise offside of the field, stated association leader Gabriele Graving in a very first reaction.


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