How To Call A Magic Pot In Crisis Core

In Crisis Core, Zach Fair fights with many classic enemies from final fantasy, whom fans have loved over the years. You can add these friendly opponents to your list as powerful allies, making a little additional effort. One of the most funny small enemies is a goblin in a bank named a magic pot, and it will become an important asset if you recall it in the final fantasy VII Crisis Core Reunion.

How to add magic pot to dmw in ff7 Crisis Core

To get a magic pot, you will need to accidentally meet the monster. The easiest way to do this is to continue to run away from fights until you encounter it. When you finally use a magic pot, use the specific matter that he asks you to use. If successful, this will add magic pot to DMW for calling. If you do not have matter with you, either attack the magic pot, or run away, since the pot will not fight with you.


We recommend finding Magic Pot on M10-2-3, as you can get this mission quickly. During this mission, arrange a jump, fire, gravity, and an assault twister. If you do not have these matters, wait until they appear.

All missions where you can find Magic Pot in FF7 Crisis Core

The final fantasy 7 Crisis Core Reunion has four missions that you can find in Magic Pot. Below is a list of four matters necessary for each meeting with Magic Pot. Bring these matters to the following missions to get everything that Magic Pot can offer: M2-5-4 or M2-5-5: Ultimo, Tripwire, Iron Fist and Electric cute. M7-6-6: Gil Toss, dear punch and octoslash M10-2-3: Jump, Fire, Gravity and Assault Twister With this list you can be prepared for each Magic Pot. After you get the Magic Pot Tricks item, you can still meet Magic Pot in the wild. He will ask you to use different matter and reward you with rare objects.

What does Magic Pot do in Crisis Core?

When DMW calls Magic Pot, you, in fact, steal objects from the enemy you are faced with. Magic Pot mainly uses Steal matter, but this is a guaranteed success, and you will get different objects. To obtain additional information about final fantasy, see all the characteristics in Crisis Core and their meaning, explanation and all answers to the quiz fan of Effort in Crisis Core in games for professionals.


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