How The World Cup Affected Morocco

The 2018 World Cup was a major event that had an impact throughout the world, and Morocco was no exception. In this article we will explore how the World Cup affected the people of Morocco and their capital city, from large gatherings to celebrate their team's success, to increased tourism in the area.

After completion of the World Cup, tens of thousands of fans got and commemorated 10s of thousands of fans in Morocco's capital.

Big masses had gathered in the city hours before landing the footballers, as the State Company reported Map. The fans for that reason rotated flags, wore their group's jersey and sang the nationwide anthem to celebrate the brave efficiency of the group and to show their pride in them. More than 8,000 security forces remain in use. According to the information, the events have actually so far been tranquil. The convoy with the group on board was supposed to drive past the cheering fans after landing from the airport through the city center and lastly to the palace. King Mohammed VI desired to honor the footballers. The king had actually already thanked the players, coaches and workers of the national team and praised them. Morocco was the big surprise of this World Cup. The defeat against France in the semi-finals ended the team's final dreams.


Nevertheless, the Moroccans are still the first African group that has ever arrived 4 at a World Cup. Last Saturday, the choice of coach Valid Regroup lost the game for third place against Croatia 1-2.


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