Hummels comes out after divorce

After a tumultuous seven and a half year marriage, football star Mats Hummels and TV presenter Cathy Hummel's have officially gone their separate ways. In the wake of this divorce, Cathy Hummel's has made her first comments on the matter in an afternoon interview - find out what she had to say here!

After seven and a half years together, football star Mats Hummels and Cathy Hummel's were divorced this Monday. After the marriage out of Monday was already publicly validated, the TV speaker once again revealed detailed divorce from the BVB specialist in the afternoon. We said 'yes', wrote Cathy Hummel's in an Instagram contribution, in which she appeared again with 2 images together with her ex-husband in public.


In this case, nevertheless, the 'yes' meant the divorce to divorce, which the veteran appeal couple sealed between Mats Hummels' 34th birthday in the recently and the Christmas holidays.

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We recall and remember our time together as a couple. Now we are divorced, however are optimistic when parents and pals have a future together, wrote the practically one year older Cathy Hummel's in her post.

The two would have drunk a coffee together on Monday to bid farewell prior to the start of life looms as divorced.

Hummel's posts picture with son Ludwig

The Munich native discussed bidding farewell for 2 months for the function of vacation and brand-new television work from Germany and thanked her long-time partner for the time together. In her message, the television presenter also emphasized that the separation of Mats Hummels in peace was: There are never ever winners in a war, only losers, she stated. Mats Hummels himself apparently spent the other Monday after the divorce with his son Ludwig. In his Instagram story, the star player of Borussia Dortmund published a picture that shows the two while playing tennis-with the remark: alternating training for both. From January 22nd, Mats Hummels with BVB will be on the lawn once again in the Bundesliga when it comes to the home video game versus FC Augsburg (from 3:30 p.m.).


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