Ibai Llano H Broken The Twitch Record: He Reached 3.3 Million Concurrent Users

The name of IAI Llanos is no longer unknown to anyone. The Biscay an content creator h become one of the most important public figures in recent years, h broken all records and continues to drag a huge ms of players. In full debate on whether in the future it will change the platform or not, Twitch h given a tribute meaning: a video that reviews his career after getting a new and amazing record: 3.3 million concurrent spectators. It is said that one feels alone at the top.

IAI Llanos h taken a different path. We introduce from zero to 3.3 million, the story of a streamer and a community that h broken all records trying to reach number 1. Llanos himself h retweeted the tweet of the video and h not hidden his emotion: This is incredible. Thank you all for being part of this day.

Unreal figures?

Before the decline of the figures on Twitch, Llanos shared his opinion and said they seemed somewhat unreal. According to their own words, ads can be a cause, but not the only reon. I think that obviously on Twitch we were with figures that were not real, and I think we were not aware. That every day there were 50,000, 60,000 people seemed normal to us. 70,000, 100,000... and it w like, well, one more day on Twitch. It w a time when Twitch w very swollen. Will IAI Llanos continue on Twitch when his contract Venue? At the moment, the streamer h not provided a clear response, although he h said that he h already made a decision. I know where I will streamer in the coming years, he said without revealing the unknown.


According to the Bque Creator, Twitch is a better platform for streaming, but on YouTube it also h an important number of followers, nothing more and nothing less than 10 million followers. The negative note h occurred in the lt hours, after the controversy with the signings of the KOI. You can read everything about this news.


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