Odin: Valhalla Rising's Odin Link (The World's First Cross-Platform MMORPG)

As we recognize, Odin: Valhalla increasing is a cross-platform MMORPG, usable both on computer and also mobile systems.

And as a number of MMORPG Cross-platforms created in South Korea, Odin integrates a Auto-pay option-when triggered, Option permits most recurring MMORPG tasks to the MMORPG, such as adhering to the missions, deal with monsters at the chain, also found out in certain dungeons. The Lion heart workshop ushers in a new feature today: Odin Link. Concretely, Odin Link takes the kind of feature integrated into the Kakaotalk Application (signed by the Aka group, whose subsidiary Aka Gaming is the moms and dad business from afar) which enables in particular to keep track of a activity of a personality in the PC variation of the MMORPG. It enables you to remain in touch with the other players in your group, however also to get alerts when the personality that plays alone is in difficulty-Sil dies or that his stock is full, for instance. Everybody will judge the performance (or otherwise) of the performance: for some, it will be the way to integrate a little human monitoring in the advancement of a character when they play autonomously (probably appreciable when it is needed to finish a team? ), others will certainly see it as a conditioning of the Auto-pay auto mechanics which significantly limit the enjoyable of a game (the player does not play and lets the maker do it for him).


For the document, Odin Valhalla Rising is anticipated in Western variation in the fourth quarter of 2023. At this stage, it is still unidentified whether this localized version will certainly integrate or otherwise the Auto-pay mechanics southern Korean variation.


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