RB Leipzig: Eberl is glad that Olmo has left.

In the past, there have been many rumors about Dani Elmo's departure. However, RB Leipzig has now confirmed that the Spaniard is still committed to the club until 2024. Nevertheless, Max Ebert does not believe that this extension would be feasible for Dani Elmo and RB Leipzig, as the 32-year-old player can now expect a lot more opportunities in the future with his new contract.

RB Leipzig would like to extend the contract with Dani Elmo. For the club, this would have a particular signal effect for the club. Whether the Spaniard really signs with the Saxons is still open. Particularly because he made himself in the shop window at the World Cup in Qatar. As Dani Elmo carried out, you more than happy that he left and did not score the decisive objective in the final, stated Ebert in a talk of the Saxon state government in Berlin, about which Relive reported.


This would have made an extension of the agreement with the offensive guy much more complex.

gate and template against Costa Rica

Elmo had already stopped working with Spain in the round of 16 on the later 4th Morocco. The 24-year-old, who altered from Zagreb to Leipzig for around 25 million euros in winter 2020, had actually scored an objective at 7-0 versus Costa Rica. Elmo was likewise one of the very best Spanish players against Germany (1: 1), can describe a strong grade cut of 2.88 with 4 tournament objectives. In Spain, Elmo, who was born in Terrassa and was trained at FC Barcelona, is related to a return to house. Ex-club Barça and Real Madrid are considered favored objectives. El Mundo Deporting recently stated Elmo that he wishes to be trained by the finest coaches worldwide. And Barça coach Xavi was among the best as a gamer and might become a coach.


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