Riiber Wins Combination In Ramsau. Jarl Magnus Riiber Also Won The Combination In Ramsau Am Dach

Norwegians dominated the podium at the race with Earl Magnus Ribber winning both the downhill and super G. German Felix Reuther came second in both races.

Olympic champion Vincent Geiger is improving and much better on the planet Cup of the Nordic combination. The 25-year-old Oberstdorfer stormed onto the podium again in Ramsay, Austria on Friday and secured 3rd location with a space of 8 seconds. For Geiger, it was already the third podium positioning in a row after a more blended start of the season. Practically two weeks back, he took 3rd location in Lille hammer in Norwegian. In Ramsay, Geiger had gone to the pipe in the trail after jumping with a gap of 16 seconds.

ribber lets it run out easily

The Norwegian dominator Earl Magnus Ribber once again proved to be inaccessible, whose lead was significantly more comfy than the outcome. The series winner in the total World Cup ran to the 53rd World Cup victory of his career and that at just 25 years. 2nd location in the target against violinist Ribber's compatriot Jens Lucas frequenter (+7.9 seconds). Manuel Faint (Baiersbronn) as seventh and record world champ Eric Freeze (Layer) As a tenth, finished the great outcome for the German Ski Association (DSV). Fabian Raise (Branch) also convinced with a 13th place after he had actually not reached 26th place in jumping. Julian Schmidt (Oberstdorf), 4th after jumping, lastly finished 14th.

Abrupter gets the next podium

Integrated Nathalie Abrupter is still strong on the planet Cup amongst females. After a dive and the following five-kilometer run, the only 16-year-old took 3rd place in Ramsay on Friday and hence protected the 2nd podium this winter. Abrupter just had to quit the Norwegian irreversible winner GYD Westwood Hansen and Lisa Higher from Austria. Abrupter had actually currently begun with 3rd location after jumping and in the end lost the target sprint for second location against Higher. Behind Abrupter, Jenny Noway also made tenth place, Svenja Worth in twelve and Maria Ger both as 15th for the German team places in the top 15. On Saturday there is another competition in Ramsay. It is the last before the turn of the year.

World Cup in Ramsay data from Friday

Guy, single: 1. Earl Magnus Ribber 24: 15.4 minutes, 2. Jens Lucas AUSTERE (both Norway) +7.9 seconds, 3rd Vincent Geiger (Oberstdorf) +8.0, 4. Johannes Lancaster (Austria) +18.3, 5. Rettenegger (Austria) +55.7, 10. Eric Freeze (Layer) +56.0,... 13. Fabian Raise (Branch) +1: 16.4, July 14, Schmidt +1: 33.4, 24. Johannes Ryder (both Oberstdorf) +2: 05.1,... Jakob Large (Kiefersfelden) +2: 29.5,... 33. Tristan Sommerfeld (Oberwiesenthal) +2: 41.3

Stand in the general World Cup after 6 of 24 competitors: 1. Ribber 498 points, Second AUSTERE 430, 3. Schmidt 311, 4. Geiger 221, 6th Matteo Baud (France) 213, 7. 170, 10. Mario Sail (Austria) 165,... 12. Ryder 160,... 14. Freeze 143,... 23. Raise 32,... 26. Terence Weber (Layer) 25,... 33. Large 17,... 43. David Mach (Gutenberg) 7.


Ladies, single: 1. GYD Westwood Hansen (Norway) 14: 31.0 minutes, 2. Lisa Higher (Austria) +56.8 seconds, 3. Nathalie Abrupter (Kinesis) +58.5, 4. Ida Marie Hagen (Norway) +1: 07. EMA Molasses (Slovenia) +1: 43.1, 7. Yuan Kasai (Japan) +2: 08.0, 8. France) +2: 08.5, 9. AJU Nakamura (Japan) +2: 14.3, 10. Jenny Noway (Poland) +2: 18.2,... 12. Svenja Worth (Baiersbronn) +2:. 31.4,... 15. Maria Ger both (Schmiedefeld) +3: 24.9,... 22. Sophia Taurus (Gutenberg) +4: 34.5.

Jens Lucas AUSTERE (both Norway) +7.9 seconds, 3rd Vincent Geiger (Oberstdorf) +8.0, 4. Johannes Ryder (both Oberstdorf) +2: 05.1,... Jakob Large (Kiefersfelden) +2: 29.5,... 33. Yuan Kasai (Japan) +2: 08.0, 8. France) +2: 08.5, 9. AJU Nakamura (Japan) +2: 14.3, 10.

Stand in the total World Cup after 3 of 11 competitors: 1. Hagen 125, 4. Abrupter 110, 4. Y. Kasai 76, 7. 10. Veronica Gianna (Italy) 44,... 15. Magdalena Burger (Partenkirchen) 35,... 17. Worth 34,... 20. Ger both 24, 21. Cindy Haas ch (Rule) 22.


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