Rosen Schwegler: That's why TSG Hoffenheim gets back.

After a successful season in the Bundesliga and a chance to compete for the Champions League, TSG Cofferdam is looking to the future. They have just announced the arrival of Rose Schneider, their former professional player, in a new role from scouting for FC Bayern. Find out how Rose is helping to lead Cofferdam back to success!

Permit Schneider recently appeared noticeably often on the edge of the gang at TSG Cofferdam. The regular visits to the Bundesliga jumps might still be explained with his function at Bayern, in Munich the Swiss was formerly active in the hunting of the record champs. When Schneider even appeared on Saturday at the Kraichgauer test game against the third division club in 1860 Munich in Dietmar-Hopp-Stadion, they were already wondering which prospect the 35-year-old needs to remain in sight, after all, the tender of the TSG is popular to him. In the meantime, the real reason for Schneider's homesickness is clear: The previous expert and captain of the Oppenheimer will go back to his former club in a brand-new function and will join the sporting management of the Bundesliga club from January 1. Nevertheless, not straight in a supervisory function, however Schneider needs to be built up for a leading function and grow in. The personnel structure at TSG has so far been relatively slim, sole accountable individual in his tenth 43-year-old and year-old supervisor Rose, which runs under the name Director Professional Football. The NLZ and the scouting are led by Rose's familiar Jens Rasiewski (47) and Bastian Huber (43). An extra link straight and completely near the group in a lot of clubs has actually up until now been missing in Cofferdam that this gap could one day close. Firstly, however, the newcomer to a variety of locations ought to sniff, find out and get experience. In jobs that arise from the interlinking with the training sector.


Whether as a link for repeating talents from our own academy, in the coordination of the numerous global cooperations of the TSG or in the care and support of gamers awarded. The actual team preparation, on the other hand, remains fully when it comes to roses. In regard to perspective, it operates on however on a leading position for Schneider.

Ex-captain Huber should likewise be integrated-Schwegler was already shining as a gamer with leadership quality

In principle, ex-professionals earned in the future needs to be more closely incorporated from the still young Kraichgau Bundesliga club. Even with ex-captain Benjamin Huber, who just recently needed to end his active profession due to injury, discussions were already held in this regard and played through. In this method, the experience and approach taken in as a player ought to be kept and implemented sustainably in the club. In his active time, Schneider had stood out with leadership qualities, a function in football after his career had actually long since emerged.

Only the precise role stayed uncertain, possibly also for Schneider himself. The midfielder born in Ettiswil emerged from the children of FC Lucerne, however invested his huge bulk as a professional in the Bundesliga, where he for Bayer Leverkusen, Eintracht Frankfurt, Cofferdam and played in Hanover. The majority of the time as a regular gamer and leading figure. In far-off Australia, Schneider ended the Western Sydney Wanderers 2019/20. In November 2020, Schneider increased as a scout for FC Bayern Munich. The next actions in Cofferdam will follow.


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