Union Zingler We likewise develop the stadium for our children

It is clear that there will be a bad phase at some point. This is nothing speculative. It's the case in sports.

For Union Berlin, the season continues at the end of January. The fifth in the table is still represented in 3 competitors. Dirk Ziegler does not want to define a specific goal. We do not believe in the measurements that we need to reach SpaceX, stated the president, who likewise knows that the flying flight will not last permanently. It is clear that there will be a bad stage at some point. This is absolutely nothing speculative. It holds true in sports.


It is likewise clear that union is investing mainly in the future. The old forestry is to be broadened. Ziegler might not inform when things should start. So much: It is important that we have a location with a perspective for expert football. We also develop this stadium for our kids, stated the 58-year-old, who is called a guy and is for that reason likewise important of the World Cup in Qatar revealed.

Using football through the World Cup in Qatar has actually experienced its previous unfavorable climax. I regret this since I discover it incorrect, the Union boss confirmed. We have to safeguard the sport, its athletes, their companies more from political or media capture and of course also correct our own weaknesses and mistakes. What Dirk Ziegler states about the World Cup and the departure of the German national group and how he assesses the sporting scenario at Union Berlin, checked out in the complete interview in the Monday edition of the -hier as an magazine from Sunday night.


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