VfL Wolfsburg Extends With Tommy Stroots Coaching Team

VFL Wolfsburg has taken great steps to ensure the continuity and stability of their coaching team. Extending the contracts of their current coaches, including Chief Coach Tommy Strewn, who already had a long-term working paper, is sure to help them reach their goals. Read on to find out more about this exciting news!

Strewn had actually currently extended his agreement as head coach of the VFL women in May to 2025. On Tuesday, the club revealed: Not just Strewn, but the whole team of coaches, will continue his really successful work in the long term. The assistants Sabrina Emhoff, ex-international Kim Ruling and Eva-Maria Kissinger, goalkeeper coach Alisa Letterman and analyst Gerhard Wald hart have actually also signed agreements by June 30, 2025.

Schulz extends the Personnel

The Lower Saxony likewise expanded their staff: As of January 1, 2023, Marcel Schulz, as another goalkeeper coach of Lisa rival Eintracht Frankfurt, will alter to Easterner. The 23-year-old has worked for the Hessians and formerly for the SGS Essen and the DFB because 2020. I am very pleased that our training team avoids of the present season and continues his operate in this constellation, Ralf Telemann, sporting director of the VFL females, is priced quote in the main announcement. Technically and humanly, everything in this group simply fits that is not associated that everyone always has the same opinion. Telemann confirms to his coaching team In addition to the great technical knowledge, likewise the highest level of passion for their work.


Primary coach Strewn was really delighted about the long-lasting agreement extensions of the training personnel, which is a main aspect of our sporting success.


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