Agent 47 Goes Freelance: The Challenges Of Working As A Vi-de Juegos Solopreneur

☑ The life of Agent 47 as a freelance-youtoomo, in Spanish-is clearly more difficult than when he had behind a great organization like the agency. With no one who provides the necessary equipment to face the murders with which the wages are won, the baldness of the suit must self-send and take care of their tools; You must choose your jobs well; He guides it, and he eats it. From its Franco apartment, the basis of operations from which it studies and accepts the works, agent 47 travels all over the world looking for its objectives, infiltrating, eliminating them and-in the best case-turning home without anyone I have even learned that he has been there. That is the starting point of freelancer-free agent, in Spanish; Free!-, The new Hitman game mode: World of Assassination, the game-plataformaway before known as Hitman III and which has recently simplified its proposal to include, by default, the entire content of the new Hitman trilogy, which began in 2016 and in 2021 it finally reached its final form, with all the maps, objectives and challenges of these last three games gathered under the same umbrella. The concept is much more complicated than you need, so any attempt to simplify is appreciated. The point is that one of the novelties of this new stage of Hitman-which seems to prepare now to be ready for the medium or long term-is this new game mode, which takes advantage of the plot closure that is given to agent 47 in Hitman III to propose a Roguelike mode in which the works you face are random, and the challenges are much more adjusted than in standard missions. It is a notable change with respect to the missions of the game/base games, which have a very limited number of objectives but are designed to be played tens of times; Hundreds, if you give you around. Where Hitman III shines, however, it is in repetition, he wrote in my review of the last installment. They are magnetically worked mining to reach the same conclusion in many ways is an experience full of pleasures and surprises:

This is where Ion interactive shows again with a collection of small immersive sims that encourage you A murder that gradually lose the seriousness of the secret society that controls the world and becomes Puzzles. Freelancer, meanwhile, takes the maps that we already knew and fills them with randomly taken objectives and challenges from a large collection of sufficiently flexible challenges to function well in many contexts.

It is a good demonstration that Hitman's gears are well greased from the factory, prepared to endure the pressure you put; At the same time, this without history mode makes one appreciate much more the exceptional work of Io Interactive when giving context and narrative to the original missions, which have as their scenario the same maps but have a very different tone. From your frank floor, you start the game (the run, to use the jargon to use) choosing what crime union you want to face; Then, you choose the first location you want to travel; Then you equip yourself and go where you touch. Each run is structured in campaigns, and each campaign is divided into three missions; The first two, if they go well, allow you to obtain information and prepare well for the last, Wears glasses… The result is a game mode that goes far beyond what, at least in my case, you could expect a free update, from an extra that a priori would not have to be more than a bit to encourage people to approach Hitman if they have not done so.


Freelancer could be an independent game and there would be not many reasons for the complaint. The way in which the material reuses and gives it a new context, how it structures it in a way that is both faithful to the spirit of Hitman and a surprisingly novel experience, is masterful: it remains the same game of infiltration, disguise and pot that has always been, but the times and distances so different make it a perfect outcome for the entire trilogy; Both the argument and the gameplay lead to infinite murders' generator very naturally.

Weapons, for example, have a very different role in freelancer. Its importance changes a lot: preserves-from a certain level of rarity-the ones you have in your inventory when you successfully end a mission; They are exposed in your frank floor, and you can take them with you to you, if you consider it appropriate. But you also lose them forever if you fail, so choosing well what you get is fundamental; Sometimes it is worth going a little worse equipped than you could if the risk of losing a valuable weapon (and that can be used later even to complete challenges, which are sometimes linked to weapons of a specific rarity) is too high or if you have enough resources to try to buy any in the merchants that are hidden in some points of each level. Therefore, fulfilling the optional objectives of each mission is more important: the extra resources you get are very useful to get the equipment that you do not want to risk losing if you take it from your frank floor. As you want levels, the frank floor and the freelancer experience are expanding, expanding in the expected addresses in a rogue lite and gradually underpinning a proposal that places Hitman: World of Assassination in a privileged position to begin He said before, a new stage in which the idea of the platform with which the 2016 was finally completed is complete and makes sense. I do not remember many cases like this: a game that are actually three, with hundreds of time of interesting content, intelligent and well taken care of, cooked over low heat throughout four, five, six years and several deliveries but always following a sheet of route or with such a clear objective in mind that when it has reached the (first) finish line, it has managed to form a whole consistent with an amazing naturalness; A one and trill game that to top it off manages to put the touch of gold with a free expansion that creates, with the same ingredients, an experience that could be a sequel or an independent spin-off, another game after all; And at the same time it is Hitman, the usual: as always and as never. ✈


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