Harmony - The Fall of Reverie: Don't Nod's New Narrative Game - From Remember Me to Life is Strange to Vampyr

Understood and acknowledged on the planet with titles such as Remember Me, Life is Weird and even Vamp yr, the Parisian studio Don't Nod revealed its new job during the Nintendo Direct of February 8, 2023. It is Harmony: The Fall of Reverie, a special narrative experience that will also show up on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in addition to the Nintendo Change. The trailer that accompanies its ad is filled with secret, both in its scriptwriting proposal and its barely sketched gameplay. According to the description of the video game offered in the press release, the video game will permit us to see the future and make choices accordingly, the aim being to restore the fragile balance in between our world and reverie, the world of deities.

The gamer will take on the role of Polly, a young woman back in his hometown after spending numerous years abroad.


Returning to her lands, she will recognize that she has a gift of clairvoyance which links her to reverie, the world governed by the divine beings who represent the goals of humankind: magnificence, happiness, power, link, link and mayhem and Fact. By travelling through this world, Polly then ends up being Harmonic, a goddess with the power to choose Aspiration who will need to reign over reverie. It is therefore the switch gamer between the characters of consistency and Polly to bring back balance. This modification of identity is likewise connected to a gameplay mechanics, given that each action as a Polly or harmony, has repercussions on both worlds and will offer access to a number of narrative branches. The designers likewise promise a significant replayability thanks to this.

The release of Consistency: The Fall of Reverie is anticipated for June 2023.


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