Madden NFL 23 Predicts Super Bowl LVII Winner - Who Will Take Home the Trophy?


The forecasts of EA Sports rely on in football. With Argentina, the designer studio not just predicted the world champ in 2022, however was for that reason right for the 4th time in a row. France, Germany and Spain were likewise oracle in advance. Effective: In regard to Super Bowl, EA just scored 50 percent into the black quick. Here EA Sports not just forecasted the right winner, but also the ideal result (New England Patriots 28:24 Seattle Seahawks). However, it hooked something. Only a real idea was achieved from five end video games.

Chad Johnson sees a clear matter

The Madden designer dares a brand-new attempt for the Super Bowl LVII. This is staged by a brief video clip with ex-footballer Chad Johnson. As a bus driver along a wasteland, the 45-year-old immersed in the game like a feast and sees the Philadelphia Eagles against the Kansas City Chiefs triumph-31: 17. Chiefs Quarterback brings Patrick Mahomes of 39 passes 29 to the man and performs a touchdown if it is based on the prediction. Wide Receiver Artur Juan Brown from the Eagles will catch eight passes and a goal, his teammate and Security Chauncey Gardner Johnson concern 5 deals with and an interception. Chris Jones from the Chiefs scored four takes on and two sacks.

On February 13, 0:30 a.m. German time will choose whether EAS struck rate will continue or increase to fall. Then the phenomenon in the State Farm Arena in Glendale, Arizona.


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