Say Goodbye To Tower Tasks: How World Of Warcraft Is Moving On From Legion's Old Feature

Considering that Spot 10.0.5, the magic tower from Legion has actually been playable once again in Wow in a stronger variation for Dragon Flight. Each class is made here tough obstacles, which in turn shake off quite, cosmetic benefits. Only the new callers are not enabled to get involved. What is the magic tower? The feature initially originates from the Legion extension and was introduced with Spot 7.2 in March 2017.


There are a total of 7 difficulties here, which are various depending on class and specialization. Most of the difficulties are considered especially tricky and can only be mastered with a mutual understanding of classes or skillful usage of different mechanics. The function was so popular that it came back a number of times after Legion, most recently in 2022 in permanent kind. The magic tower was removed soon before the Dragon Flight release. Given that Patch 10.0.5, the function has actually been offered once again and has been adapted for the brand-new talents and devices of Dragonflies to stay crisp. In our overview you will discover all information about Spot 10.0.5 in World of Warcraft. What are the rewards? Initially you might make brand-new coloring for artifact weapons skins in the magic tower. That they remain exclusive, there are now other benefits. To finish the difficulties, you will get, for example, the Legion design transmit sets and even an installation, the magic-bound magic folios. For the flying book, nevertheless, you have to complete all 7 challenges. You have to play more than one class anyhow, since you normally only get 3 different obstacles per class. However, if you play a caller, you have much more operate in front of you. Some of the rarest installations from WoW can be seen here in the video:

no rewards for callers

The brand-new class from Dragon Flight is not offered jobs in the magic tower. Typically, war councilor Moria welcomes you to the magic tower on the ravaged coast. She says she states that she has no jobs for her. This makes good sense in that Refer in Legion was not playable and that no obstacles might be made for them. In addition, Refer can barely wear a transmit, however run nearly whatever about the substantial modifications of the Rather. The adjustments motivate lots of, however the lack of transmit is a thorn in the side: How practical it is for callers to check out the magic tower is to be seen. We do not yet know whether, and if so, when the magic tower will also be available to callers. Some enhancing websites already offer Refer magic tower runs for genuine money. This is prohibited anyway, however in this case clearly rip-off, given that the runs do not exist at all. In any case, keep your fingers from such offers. That you do not go out entirely empty as a caller, however another, brand-new function came into play with 10.0.5: the trading position. Here you can quickly earn cosmetics with some tasks: WOW: The trading post is there-all rewards for February 2023


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