Unveiling the Secrets of Genshin Impact's Tadla The Falcon World Quest

The Tabla Falcon is the local task of Genshin Impact, the first in a series of three parts about a hermit named Tabla. He begins in Tacit camps, where you should help Master find his Falcon.

How to unlock the world task Adela The Falcon in Genshin Impact

To unlock this local task, you must first fulfill the entire chain of tasks Bilking Belief: Wisdom built her house, displaced the seven pillars of his Temple where sand flows like tears Bent in the dunes' fertility, part I Bent in the dunes' fertility, part 2 Bent in the dunes' fertility, part 3 Eternal Dream, Ever Lush After all preliminary conditions are met, you need to wait for the server discharge or in one day in real time before you can activate this quest.

How to complete the world task of the Tabla Falcon in Genshin Impact

After waiting for at least one day after the completion of the Bilks memorial service, go to the camps of Tacit through a statue of seven. The blue exclamation mark will appear on the map of the world to indicate the place of the quest. Follow it to meet the Massey, and talk to him to start the quest. Follow the quests' navigator to the location of the Tabla west of the Tacit camps and do not forget to take a combat-ready team with you.


Enter the cave and go to a luminous spot to call a dialogue with Piano and Lilo par. As soon as this is done, you must defeat the nearby Fate. After the victory over the Fate, to talk to the Tabla, who is sitting to the left of the tent. Then return to the Tacit camps and talk with the mass era to complete the world task. You automatically unlock the next quest in a series called Falcon hunting. To learn more about quests in the Harambee desert, get acquainted with our Genshin Impact leadership Rejoice with me, because what was lost, now found here in Pro Game Guides.


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