| VfL Bochum vs FC Bayern – Julian Nagelsmann Preps for Champions League Duel with PSG

VFL Bochum receives FC Bayern on Saturday afternoon. The game likewise functions as a dress practice session for the upcoming Champions League battle with Paris Saint-Germain. Julian Nagelsmann is preparing for 2 competitions. Whatever present has an effect on the future. It is for that reason very important that we seriously tackle the video game versus Bochum, said Nagelsmann at journalism conference prior to the 20th match day in the Bundesliga. The trainer likewise commented on pronunciation with Captain Manuel Neuer. Nagelsmann did not want to expose anything about the material of the crisis meeting on Friday. Whatever I go over with players remains internally. I know that this is a really exciting topic, however I ask you to let it rest, stated the coach

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann talk about a brand-new goalkeeper coach.

According to the termination of goalkeeper coach Toni Analogic, Never attacked those responsible for the record champs. Thereupon had also been hypothesized about a possible break in between the national goalkeeper and Nagelsmann. As Analogic follower, FC Bayern now presented Michael Recover, with whom Nagelsmann had actually currently operated in Cofferdam. Reports that the fitness instructor would make choices on a friendly basis, he decisively turned down. Michael is not my pal. We select the content of the material. And Michael is a great goalkeeper coach and I more than happy that he is there. On Friday, computer system caused a feeling on the training ground when he didn't see me shoes from Bayern sponsor Adidas.

stays the brand-new Bavaria captain?

Nagelsmann paves the way Nevertheless, it will take a while before computer systems deal with brand-new ones. The captain still does not have for months. Many's task is to get fit. My job is to support him as finest I can, said Nagelsmann. It is likewise important for new that the subject is buried. Everybody knows that healing the body is highly influenced by the head. When asked whether Never will likewise be his captain next season, Nagelsmann wasted. Currently Many is a captain of this group, he said succinctly. You will see whatever else. He was certain that Many will again be an outstanding goalkeeper. accompanied journalism conference in the detailed live blog. There are very important statements to check out here.

+++ That's it +++.

All questions have been responded to, Nagelsmann bids farewell.


+++ Is Woman unsalable?

+++. He is a fantastic gamer with eerie qualities. From a training point of view, it doesn't make sense to sell him..

+++ pursues Nagelsmann Solo Means advancement?

+++. I am not talking about other clubs. I am pleased for Frankfurt that they have a great player.

+++ Nagelsmann about Gretzky +++.

Leon has played in this position a few times. Sure, he has other strengths, especially in the header video game. But he will no longer be the box-to-box gamer, but has to support the chain more. Bochum plays a lot. Great long balls, Leon is creative enough to close these rooms..

+++ Can Upamecano play?

+++. He no longer has pain. The structure is still a bit afflicted, but we hope that it can play without painkillers..

+++ How does Nagelsmann PSG anticipate?

+++. The pressure is always huge on both sides. Paris is better with Mbappé and Messi than without the two, that's really clear. Paris has a very great squad, they could also replace them well. We prepare for that in this method. Play as if both would play..

+++ Nagelsmann about ex-PSG gamer Choupo-Moting +++.

I would not mind if he meets. He is healthy, he has a great deal of trust and assists us as a target player. In addition, he has an excellent football skill and is certainly among the very best flank users..

+++ Nagelsmann via brand-new goalkeeper coach computer +++.

I do not decide such things on a friendship basis, but at the content of the material. He is a really excellent goalkeeper coach, and I am delighted, I am pleased, That he exists..

+++ Nagelsmann's pronunciation with new +++.

It was not about the interview in the pronunciation (smiles). You don't believe me, that's right. Everything we talk about internally with the gamers also stays in the club. My job is to go back to the pitch en route back. To support. The healing of the body is likewise influenced by the head, so it is essential for Manuel to bury this topic. Presently Manuel Neuer is the captain of the team and that's a good idea. He exists every day to get us too. Support which is based upon mutuality..

+++ Nagelsmann's view of Paris +++.

I always write a three-or Fourier about the match plan, this time it says 'for 2 competitions'. It has to do with processes that we desire to show in both games. All present has an effect on the future. Crucial that we are serious about the game versus Bochum..

+++ How does Nagelsmann Bochum anticipate?

+++. They still have fresh forces that they can bring. Bochum always plays with really high strength, the bad space also came a little more than BVB. They offer a lot of busy speed on the pitch and keep looking for the way over them. Outside. I think that you can definitely go full throttle in the first half. This is your design of play, you will want to make it comparable tomorrow..

+++ How does Bavaria play without Gimmick?

+++. Ryan Gravenberch stops working, he will go back to the square on Sunday and is back in Paris. Leon Goretzka will be on the 6 video games for Josh Gimmick, as he did versus Wolfsburg in the 2nd half..

+++ It begins +++.

Nagelsmann gets here in journalism room, the PK starts in a few moments.

+++ Home strength versus VFL Bochum +++.

Bochum fans like to remember the extravagant football celebration last season when VFL defeated FC Bayern 4-2 in Ruhrstadion in your home. But the pavement in the Allianz Arena is considerably rougher. In the last season, a 0: 7-clapping genre out of Bochum lost in the very first half of the season versus the record champs. In Munich, VFL initially won, but this unprecedented event dates from 1991. The statistics therefore speak quite for Julian Nagelsmann and his FC Bayern.

+++ Bavaria form curve points upwards +++.

It likewise keeps the existing form. After a small performance damage at the beginning of the year, FC Bayern returned impressively with triumphs in the DFB Cup (4-0 in Mainz) and in the Bundesliga (4: 2 in Wolfsburg). Particularly at the best time, the more hard job against PSG's star ensemble is waiting on Tuesday.

+++ Welcome +++.

VFL Bochum might only be a stopover. Does FC Bayern already look towards Champions League and PSG? And how does Julian Nagelsmann plan without the yellow-red-locked Joshua Gimmick? Fitness instructor Julian Nagelsmann delivers responses at journalism conference from 1 p.m.

Bochum plays a lot. Paris has a very great squad, they could also change them well. Everything we discuss internally with the players likewise remains in the club. The healing of the body is also affected by the head, so it is important for Manuel to bury this topic. Bochum constantly plays with extremely high intensity, the bad space also came a bit more than BVB.


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