Weinzierl is Certain: FCN Can Do It Better in DFB Round of 16 Showdown Against Düsseldorf

It is likewise urgently needed, since the waves hit the standard club again. No surprise whoever requires the bottom of the background, but then put the very first two video games in the second half of the season in the sand and find themselves in a relegation zone, need to not be amazed about an explosive state of mind. Specifically with an association like the FCN, which, as those responsible appropriately stress once again and once again, has so much force.

playfully a certificate of poverty

This likewise includes that the pendulum, as now occurred, flies to the other side. Less since of the beats itself than since of their production. If the first half was still in order at 0: 1 against St. Pauli, the spirited performances then mocked the aspirations of the Club John. Especially versus the background that the association called the long winter preparation to the big ally. The coach Markus Easier, who was obliged at the beginning of October, must have the time in detail to raise the video game structure, consisting of the achievement of chances for another, substantially higher level. The result has up until now been all the more disappointed: With a wide-and-high brand name, the lively lack of innovation was so terrific that rather a couple of raised the spicy concern of what the FCN in fact drove in the good eleven weeks of preparation. To put it simply, there is a coaching discussion that the FCN emphatically dismisses itself. Of all, the calm in the inner circle of the FCN courses, second of all, this would be a big level likewise a self-cancellation. The work of the sports director Dieter Checking has actually been lucky because summer season, a real plan can not be seen. See the jam-packed offensive department. Or take the good youth work. The FCN names the promotion of talents as one of its essential tasks, however immediately he inflates his squad in such a method that some hopeful young forces barely or do not come into play. And it's nice that with winter gain access to Florian Flick a 22-year-old hit the six well, but he is a loan from Schalke. And the FCN does not have a gain access to alternative after the season.

In difficult scenarios, the group has actually not yet handled to phone the abilities developed.

Markus Easier Back to the coach, which is counted more or less in the area. A reality that the Lower Bavarian does not take notice of: I have actually long got used to reading nothing. Nevertheless, he vehemently opposes the allegation of not using the eleven weeks of preparation. He describes the running worth and the duel rate in the derby that was excellent. And the removal of the apparent fitness deficits in the very first half of the season was known to be the focus in the first part of the preparation. Nevertheless, he also registers the spirited hardship, however he does not blame an absence of training work: We have actually intensively filed it, and the group shows in every training session that she can do it better. The catch: Up until now, she has actually not handled to phone the abilities established in demanding scenarios.

Schindler highlights the will

The 48-year-old sees the factor in the absence of nerve and absence of conviction.

If we fit back the ball rather of bravely playing forward, we welcome the opponent to the pressing, said the FCN coach. A large part of the problem is that the ball-owned gamer at FCN has barely any methods of playing. A truth that captain Christopher Schindler also emphasizes: We can not just support ourselves in the game against the ball, but likewise in the video game with the ball. To put it simply: wish to have the ball more, produce allusion stations is the recipe versus the flight ball beaten under pressure. The lack of offering is obviously likewise an expression of absence of nerve to fear that the fear of making errors, the captain is the primary issue: It is not since of the mindset.

It is crucial to bring nerve and conviction back

Seen in this method, the DFB Cup game is now to end up being home treatment. The fact that Danny Blum, winter season access number 5, is still not readily available due to his calf injury, does not trigger a headache at least nominally to the coaching personnel, and options are really doing not have. For Easier, the video game on Wednesday night after the derby defeat is rather the terrific and welcome chance to do something for our head and to revive guts and conviction. With these 2 parts, the coach is confident that it will also remain in the important basement duel in the league on Saturday with its ex-club Regensburg.


And then the world looks very different once again, he adds. Most likely true, in the opposite case, however, the high waves end up being a genuine storm.


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