What Sony's God Of War TV Series Needs To Capture The Spirit Of The Games: An Interview With A Creator


God of War is among the biggest and most effective brands in Sony's portfolio. This was last seen at the release of God of War Ragnarök. The title not only carried out excellently in our test, however also in a global comparison. The previous porting of the predecessor for the PC provided the franchise another popularity increase. But it is far from over.

The media business has big plans and is currently dealing with a series implementation to God of War. In a new interview, the President of Sony television Studios discussed what they wish to pay specific attention to.

This is particularly essential to the makers at the God of War series

In an interview with Deadline, the President of the Sony Pictures Television Studios Katherine Pope discussed what is essential to the developers at the God of War television series. In doing so, she highlighted that a person desires to pay particular attention to remaining loyal to the initial history. I know the video game quite well, and I am already very amazed by how they design whatever about the story of the world. They keep all the values of the game, but likewise expand, even if you don't know the video game Series can still take pleasure in, explains Pope, who is a big fan of the series even. When Amazon confirmed that they work with Sony on a God of War TV series, it was instantly made clear that the story of the God of War part from 2018 will start and that we will most likely be seen mainly an older Rates.

When should the God of War TV series appear?

There is currently no official release date for the series, in the interview Pope just makes it clear that you are still in an early phase. A release prior to 2024 is for that reason extremely not likely. Offered the existing success of the Last of US HBO series, she loses a few words about the obstacle of video game films. I think people believe it is much easier to establish a brand-new brand name, but it is harder in a lot of cases, due to the fact that you require an original concept and have to understand what the innermost core essence of the whole is. And after that you also require knowing, too What does not work with a TV series, and you need to provide the entire the opportunity to develop themselves as an independent thing, she ends her descriptions. Source: Due date To home page Share remarks 0 in Twitter Share Short Article


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