Union Berlin vs. Cologne: Old Series of Success to be Continued on New Lawn

On Thursday, the new lawn was stocked the arena on the old forestry. On Friday, the team of 1. FC Union Berlin was able to examine the fresh environment-friendly, which originates from the Netherlands for at the very least a couple of mins. The old underground that was removed once again this week expanded in the six weeks of his barren existence as a result of the absence of sunshine and also much precipitation and also do not actually allude. Now on Saturday (3:30 p.m., live! At Twist) in the residence video game against 1. FC Cologne, the old success series will certainly proceed.

It would behave if it were so easy

In the house, Union no longer needed to approve loss in the Bundesliga for 16 suits.


And also the Fragrance group were constantly a thankful opponent in the top home. There were 6 Union triumphs and a reel in 7 contrasts. Cologne constantly shed in the old forester's citadel. Union, as the 3rd in the table, enters into the race as a favorite anyhow. If there is the following home win for the Berliner, the 0-3 loss at Bayern Munich would barely be considerable. It would certainly be great if it were so simple, stated train Urs Fischer. The Union instructor also recognizes that Cologne instructor and also executioner Steffen Rampart will certainly do every little thing possible to get the initial 3 of the Rhinelander versus Union.

standards must surprise Rampart

A minimum of with SC Paderborn, Rampart, whose main house is still really near to the old forester's store, has currently accomplished this accomplishment twice. In the 2018/19-second department period, he won 3-1 in Köpenick. In 2020/21 he won 3-2 in his previous living area as a second division club in the second round of the DFB Mug at the very first department club Union. Fischer and also Rampart recognize and appreciate themselves.

It must be tough to stun each other. Or is that somehow? You attempt to find up with one or the various other. Especially when it pertains to criteria, stated Fischer.

yard under immediate optimum lots

By the way, the best ought to not end up being a sugar slack for the new grass. Just lie down and wait is not. Both groups give the league's most powerful depictions. Both Union and Cologne have a standard of over 118 kilometers of gas mileage per video game. A minimum of here Perfume (118.7 kilometers) is just ahead of Union (118.3).


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