Voss-Tecklenburg wishes BVB and Schalke in women

National coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg wants the huge football clubs from the Ruhr area like Borussia Dortmund or Schalke 04 in the women's Bundesliga. If such clubs with such a glow that integrate many individuals are committed to promoting female's football, it is a big included value, said the Duisburg citizen in a talc of the WAS The BVB had actually just chosen two and fifty percent years ago to locate a division for ladies as well as girl's football. The lady's team of black and also yellow like arch-rival Schalke is currently playing in the sixth-class area league.


Voss-Tecklenburg is very pleased with the existing advancement of women's football. Today lots of have the opportunity to end up being specialist footballers. I always desired for that, claimed the 55-year-old: I just have the feeling that the entire globe is associated with the ideal direction..

We wish to utilize the wave

The boosting attention, which had actually been triggered specifically after the European Championship last year, assists us to boost us structurally, claimed Voss-Tecklenburg: We wish to use the wave to sustainably subjects such as ability justice and also professionalization To advertise the Bundesliga. Due to the fact that the truth additionally includes that 50 to 60 percent of the Bundesliga gamers still can not live from what they obtain, said the nationwide instructor, that has actually identified an economic efficiency gourmet in the Bundesliga.


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